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Asadullaev I.К New physical picture of the world? – Part 1. Redshift galaxies should fluctuate. Universal homeostasis. The absurdity of the basic question of philosophy

Опубликовано в журнале "SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences" в № 2 за 2014 год в рубрике "Philosophy" на страницах 115-122.

Аннотация: The proposed approach is an attempt to significantly update the new physical and philosophical view of the world, primarily astrophysical. The key to this is recognition of the ideal as an attribute of matter, along with the material. The ideal is an objective reality, sometimes in the subjective form, but not a material reality. The material is defined as such not only due to what relates to the matter, but due to the fact that the material as one of the attributes of matter is determinate being. At the same time the ideal as a determinate being is not defined. This article proposes to consider homeostasis as a universal phenomenon. It should be noted that in real nature there are no perfect lines or askew movements. Real objects in their motion in a straight line always experience fluctuations influenced by the environment, e.g. due to association of an object with other objects, and internal movement. Every movement is unique, unrepeatable, has it own logic, and this logic is ideal, essential, natural. The same applies to the planet Earth, the Sun, galaxies, etc. that are subject to the principle of universal homeostasis. Homeostasis as a dynamic equilibrium is always a deviation – comeback. All things and objects, shifting from one bias sometimes in the opposite direction, now and again return to the ideal positions. There is no ideal stability, only a dynamic balance – motive sustainability. But not materially, materially the balance is the essence of deviations-comeback. The ideal in homeostasis covers all the condition of the material as a whole, consistent and inconsistent with it. Ideal trajectory or positions sought by the objects in the process of universal homeostasis are not only the fact of consciousness of a cognoscitive person, but are also objective and real. Dialectical approach, Materialism, Structuralism, Comparative method, Systemic and organismic approach, Functional method, Cloning method in cognition, Methods of induction and deduction, Method of inverted hierarchies, when ultimate event determines the processes while individual phenomena affect key factors. Figuratively speaking, the Universe thanks to the universal homeostasis expands and quakes as a jelly. And the farther away the galaxy moves, the greater the rate of expansion and the stronger oscillations. Any real movement – inertial or accelerated – is uniformly uneven (material – ideal). The farther away a galaxy the greater is the amplitude of oscillation of both transverse and longitudinal. Longitudinal oscillations of flying galaxies occur in acceleration waves: now more expedited departure, now slower acceleration. In a sense it is similar to jerks. In our opinion, one can double check through oscillations (colour) of the redshift (colour) of Doppler effect. We believe it will be available for practical science. We could rely on the idea that every universal law of the Universe was there since its inception. Therefore, science faces the problem of detecting redshift oscillations. Rapidly receding galaxies oscillate around a receding ideal point of balance. Galaxies are tangible as an available existence and present an uneven acceleration flying away from one other. Consequently, one can assume that balanced ideal oscillation points obey some global law of uniform accelerating of ideal motion of galaxies. Hence the conclusion: Doppler effect should be addressed in the context of steady-unsteady motion – redshift oscillations.

Ключевые слова: Dynamic balance, Mathematics, absurdity, philosophical, homeostasis, Universal, galaxies, New physical picture, Doppler effect, redshift oscillations.

DOI: 10.7256/1339-3057.2014.2.12167

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