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Зима В.Н. On the Way from Metaphysics of Time to Atemporal Metaphysics: Exploring Some Difficulties of Ontology

Опубликовано в журнале "Философия и культура" в № 11 за 2013 год в рубрике "Естественно-научная картина мира" на страницах 1543-1547.

Аннотация: The explication and the analysis of some basic difficulties which realization of the project of «atemporal physics and metaphysics» in modern philosophy and a science faces is undertaken. It is shown, that key idea of the given project is attempt of representation of the objective reality (or so-called «the ultimate reality») as reality that is timeless at its fundamental level. The question on the ontological status of concepts of "time" and «the ultimate reality» from the point of view of the ontology of sciences is analyzed. Conclusion that concepts of "time", from one hand, and «the ultimate reality», from other hand, when latter one is considered as a synonym of the objective reality, are ontologically incompatible, is supposed. Ontological resources of the interdisciplinary approach to the problem of time in a context of the question of "the ultimate reality» are explored. Some ontological criteria for the objectification of time in the ontology of science and metaphysics are formulated. Heuristic potential of the thesis of "Realism", as the fundamental metaphysical premise of a science, for the decision of a question on the nature of «the ultimate reality» and its temporal features is shown. Some difficulties connected with terminological aspect of a problem of elaborating of «atemporal metaphysics are analyzed.

Ключевые слова: ultimate reality, eternity, time, philosophy of science, time: interdisciplinary researches, metaphysics of time, timelessness, atemporal metaphysics, ontology of science, objective reality

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2013.11.9632

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